Download Windows XP SP3 (Official ISO Image File)

If you are searching for Windows XP ISO file on the internet, SoftGets will help you to get Windows XP SP3 ISO file and stop searching, The ISO file which you download from this website is original and official ISO file for Windows XP SP3. Out of downloading Windows XP ISO file, I will walk you through everything you need to know about Windows XP SP3. Like Windows XP overview, creating windows XP Bootable USB installer, and Installing windows XP on VMware Virtual Machine.

Download Windows XP SP3 ISO

Windows XP SP3 ISO File

By: Microsoft Inc.
Package: Full Version
File Size: 617 MB
Updated: 06/05/2014
Version: Professional (SP3)

Windows XP SP3 Product Key
NOTE: This is only the Installation Key not for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA).

What to Know about Windows XP SP3

After Several trial release for windows XP Service Pack 3, the final release of the Windows XP Service pack 3 was released on April 21, 2008. And was provided to hardware companies. The final version of windows XP service pack 3 has a build number of “5.1.2600.5512”,

The main purpose of SP3 is to improve the security of Windows XP users by doing four approaches:

  1. Better protection of the network
  2. Improved memory protection
  3. Securing E-Mail affairs
  4. Security in Internet Explorer (by Internet Explorer)

Windows XP is a popular operating system released by Microsoft in 2001, it’s considered the second most in demand and downloaded Windows Version. Which was released in three major version Home Editions, Professional Edition, and Media Center Edition.

Microsoft is no longer providing any official support for technical issues in Windows XP. But a lot of users are still using Windows XP. The cause can be anything maybe due to their research work or maybe for fun.

Whatever is the reason, most of the people still want to use Windows XP, well it may be being an IT professional and need to work with Windows XP in some networking task, this works well as a client-side for windows server 2003.

Windows XP was first launched 14 years ago and its official support has been completed for more than 5 years, but due to the expanding use of this Windows in the world, its support for the next 5 years was extended to eventually in April 2014 Its support has been officially cut off and thereafter no updates are available for this Windows, and these users are endangering this Windows system to avoid malware and virus attacks.

Very Important Note: Because there is no update for this Windows, there is no need to update this package, but some sites are releasing versions that include updates for Flash Player or IE that publish Windows XP monthly. Since these updates are individually installable, so downloading Windows XP SP3 again every month for only a few megabytes of change will be futile, so to avoid losing the cost of users, Windows XP SP3 update package is available for direct download.

SoftGets and Microsoft always recommend you to use the latest Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. and leave aside the Windows XP feature.

Windows XP SP3 Key Features

  • Improved security in Internet Explorer
  • Increase the level of security in Windows to an acceptable level
  • Speed up Windows, as well as working with the Internet and the network
  • New Remote Desktop Connection
  • Increased stability and stability of Windows
  • Troubleshooting Windows and faster speed
  • Has all updates and hotfixes

How To Create Windows XP SP3 Bootable USB

To create a bootable USB, for Windows XP SP3 you need to follow a few steps given below.

You require the following things for this process.

Step 1: Connect your USB Flash Drive

make sure that you have connected your USB flash drive, copy the files if you have inside your USB drive into your computer, because when you make this drive a bootable drive all the files will be deleted from this drive.

Step 2: Open Easy USB Creator

When you download Easy USB Creator from the link above, you don’t need to go for any installation, simply click on the app this will open a windows like the image below.

Easy USB Creator

Step 3: Brows Windows XP ISO file

Click on three dots to brows windows XP ISO file and make sure your USB flash drive is connected. Select the exact ISO file which you want to create a bootable USB Drive from that. and Open.

Windows XP ISO create Bootable USB

Step 4: Create Bootable USB

When you have inserted the ISO file make sure to confirm the destination drive, which is your USB Flash Drive.

Convert Windows XP ISO to USB Flash

You are done with creating a Windows XP Bootable USB Flash drive, only a click away, from the right bottom of Easy USB Creator Click on Create USB and wait for the process to be completed.

How To Install Windows XP From ISO Image

Windows XP installation is pretty simple, in this articl we are installing windows XP SP3 from ISO image in VMware Virtual Machine, to know the process follow the below steps.

Step 1: Create New Virtual Machine

Open VMware Virtualization software click on “Create a New Virtual Machine,

Create New Virtual Machine

On the Next page you have to select windows XP SP3 ISO file, Click on the browse button and select the Windows XP ISO file where you have saved after downloading.

Browse Windows XP ISO file

Once you have selected the ISO file in the installation information page you will be asked to provide a windows product key, and User and password, we have provided the key on the download section copy the key and past.

Windows XP Product Key

You are done click on Next.

Next you have to confirm virtual machine and location.

Store Windows XP Virtual Machine

Every operating system need to have a hard disk space the same in VMware virtual machine you have to provide at least 20 GB of disk space for Windows XP.

Assign Disk for Windows XP

You are done with creating windows XP virtual machine now its time to install windows XP, follow the step 2 to install windows XP on VMware Virtual Machine.

Finish Creating Windows XP Virtual Machine

Step 2: Install Window XP in VMware Virtual Machine

Play the Windows XP Virtual Machine and for the auto process to be completed like coping the setup files and much more.

Operating System Requirements
  • Processor: Pentium III
  • Memory: 512 Mb
  • Hard disk space: 5 GB available
  • Video card: Super VGA (800 x 600)
Install Windows XP From ISO file

The Installation will take a while you need to be Petain,

Windows XP installation

Windows XP SP3 successfully installed on VMware Virtual machine.

Windows XP SP3 ISO

It was that much simple to install Windows XP SP3 from ISO file, now enjoy using Windows XP SP3, if you face any problem during downloading, create windows XP Bootable USB flash drive and installation use the comment section, to share your issue.

Disclaimer – do not Provide any crack, patches, serial numbers or keygen activation for Windows XP SP3 ISO.

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