VMware Workstation Free Download Version 14.1.2

VMware Workstation Free Download Version 14.1.2
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VMware Workstation Free Download, VMware Workstation Free Download latest Version for Microsoft Windows for installation of virtual Windows on your Computer you can install any operating system on VMware Workstation for doing some networking task.

Perhaps you’ve come across many times to try to test your program or settings on your computer without knowing it’s malware, but you’re not prepared to do this because of the importance of your data. Or write a program written in the network without having to install it on several physical and physical computers, or even want to see how the program you write on different operating systems, but the time or cost of testing it. You do not have different configurations.
Virtual desktops allow the user to simultaneously run multiple 32-bit systems on a single virtual computer. One of the most prominent desktop virtualization software is VMWare Workstation Pro. Get acquainted with VMware’s workstation:

VMware Workstation Free Download Latest Version

VMware Workstation Free DownloadBy: VMware Inc.
License: Trial Version
File Size: 487.08 MB
Updated: 24/05/2018
Version: 14.2.1

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VMware Workstation Free Download

VMware Workstation Free Download

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How does VMware workstation work?

It works by activating several operating systems and applications associated with them simultaneously on a single physical machine.
Operating systems, along with their software in the virtual machine, all sit on a piece of hardware. The VMware virtualization layer packs physical hardware resources into virtual machine resources as if each virtual machine, processor, memory and disk and its own O / I devices are all in line with the X86 standard.

After launching VMWare, you can create complex virtual networks and run all your tests in this area with ease and with minimal delay. Using vCloud, you can also launch these virtual machines in the cloud and access them from any other system. This makes it possible, in addition to higher-level access, to bring in less load and can do several works together independently of a car.

Another good feature of this software is to restrict the meaning of a virtual machine. You can disable features like drag and drop, access to USB ports, a copy of the device, etc. for any virtual machine. You can also specify an expiration date for each machine to spend less time in the short term projects or systems that are infected, and then re-launch them.

VMware Workstation Free Download Key Features:

  • Ability to run switch programs only with drag and drop
  • Full and consistent support of PXE
  • Multi-level management of situations
  • Software configuration in the form of virtual network, live images
  • Set up virtual desktops in the cloud
  • Integrated implementation of Windows, Linux, Netware, Solaris X86 as a virtual network
  • Support for common hardware such as laptops and touchpads
  • The ability to display multiple monitors
  • Supports MP3 Players and USB Devices
  • The ability to display the operating system before it runs
  • Strong and powerful propulsion environment with basic texture
  • Support for Windows 10
  • New WDDM 2.0 driver for Windows 10
  • OpenGL and Shader Model 3.0 for Windows and Linux distributions
  • Assign up to 64GB of RAM per desktop
  • Assign up to 8 terabytes of hard drives per desktop
  • Assign up to 16 virtual CPU cores for each desktop
  • Support for high resolutions
  • Supports VMware vSphere 4 as guest OS
  • Configuring virtual systems for use with multi-core CPUs
  • Print on a virtual system without the need to install a printer driver using ThinPrint
  • Security of virtual machines with 128bit-encryption

VMware Workstation Free Download System Requirements:

  • 64-bit x86 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or equivalent, AMD Athlon™ 64 FX Dual Core Processor or equivalent.
  • 3GHz or faster core speed.
  • 2GB RAM minimum/4GB RAM recommended

VMware Workstation Free DownloadSpecifications:

  • Manufacturer: VMware Inc.
  • Price: $ 189 (for information only)
  • File size: 443 + 456 MB
  • Release Date: 25.05.2015